Cyberkinetics, Inc. presents…
 Mechatronic Applications
Data Acquisition - QA/QC - IV&V

for Apiculture & Agriculture
for Climate Change Analysis
for Behavior Analysis
for Education
for Collaborative Research

Operational Prototype @

Its about 
becoming Proactive vs Reactive as a beekeeper
being able to evaluate and collaborate with quantitative data efficiently
Enhancing net income, reducing costs and environmental impact.

The value proposition is clearly presented below in this Phytech clip

The NASA HoneyBeeNet and - Surveying honeybees on a regional scale. 

Bringing Leadership to sustainable agriculture and honeybee management.

Hivelogger - innovation from Sacramento, California
  and made in the USA.

 Interested in joining our field testing network and acquiring a Hivelogger platform? please contact Stephen

Contact Info: Stephen Engel