The Hivelogger Platform :

Improve the knowledge-base in ecological survey and honeybee behavior;

Support honey production forecasting and honey tampering investigations (HFCS fraud);

Characterize and evaluate Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD);

Monitor related climate and environmental components (Environmental-canary in the coal-mine);

Provide commercial operations with valuable Best Management Practice (BMP) tools;

Honeybee management and production support- QA/QC - quarantine development tools;

Support of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) – Actionable regulatory oversight;

Catalyst to Private/Public Partnerships – County Agriculture interface - Geo-spatial pollination support;

Shareable/leverageable/integratable - plug and play with existing telecommunications & IT infrastructure;

Support for sustainable collaboration. Community & Education outreach programs;

Catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship – Integration of STEM & IoT within the community.

Operational Prototype @

Becoming Proactive vs Reactive as a beekeeper

Being able to collaborate with quantitative data

Enhancing net income, reducing costs and environmental impact.

The commercial value proposition is presented in the video below.

The NASA HoneyBeeNet and - Surveying honeybees on a regional scale. The environmental and ecological survey value proposition is presented in the video below by NASA.

Bringing Leadership to sustainable agriculture and honeybee management.

Hivelogger - innovation from Sacramento, California and made in the USA.

Interested in joining our field testing network and acquiring a Hivelogger platform? please contact Stephen